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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  June 27, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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right now. country controversy see a major mistake, by a major super star. >> he passed away with you before he passed away he wanted to come tonight. >> why kenney chesney ace pol guying to the local police officer shot in the line of duty. violence erupts overnight, four shoot initial just three hours, hunt for gunman has several people, fighting for their lives this morning. bet award paid tribute to prince. >> ♪ >> star studded line up honored the late musician last night. i for got prescriptions wore an outfit like that years ago and that is why jennifer hudson wore the same outfit. >> our viewers helped us out. we have a couple of tweets. this is an explanation. >> it is more like a tribute
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to muhammad ali, come out a warm up. >> miss anear and jenny baby and thank you for send us those pictures. >> they are on top of it. dave warren is in. >> on top of the wet they are morning. our humidity is down. that is good part. if you are doing anything outside this morning you'll like how comfortable it is. it will in the last though. we will put it at a seven today. sunglasses today. buddy has them. tie dye shirt. in the suburbs we are cooler like doylestown is at 58. sixty-three mount pocono. sixty-five in philadelphia. hitting 70 along the coast in ocean city. rain on the radar but staying wet for now. it will get closer look out by three or 4:00 mainly in the north and western suburbs, showers moving in, they will fall apart moving toward philadelphia a so first round of rain is this afternoon. we will have have more to talk
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about in the seven day forecast coming up later but right new lets talk about traffic. >> 7:02 on a monday morning a live look at the schuylkill expressway backed up here westbound from the boulevard out past the city avenue. all of the kid are out of will school. it is vacation mode. we will see unusual traffic patterns on the way to work. live look downtown vine street expressway, nothing out of the ordinary, slow at both end, we have sun glare for national sun glass day and coming back from the shore stayed down an extra night, no problems at all. the expressway and parkway working their way back. eastbound, sun glare getting ready to pop up over conshohocken. the eastbound 422, from oaks to king of prussia. on the northeast extension at the quakertown off ramp, is there an overturned truck, from the northbound side, as soon as you get in the toll plaza area there and then a tractor trailer fire is
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southbound route 55, down near vineland at exit number 53. mass transit and airport looking g mike and alex, back over to you. northeast philadelphia, a woman dies after being hot with a crow bow. >> steve is on this story. it looks like her boyfriend did it. yeah, a cross bow, hi steve. >> reporter: very unusual weapon for to us report on a murder here at headquarters where homicide detectives tell thaws police had been called to this same house on willits road in torresdale before, for domestic trouble for this same guy. how powerful ills a cross bow? the arrow or bolt as police call it hit this woman sitting on the living room couch. it went through her chest, out of her back and then through front of the couch out the back of the couch, that thick piece of furniture, then finally stopped when it was embedded in the living room wall. >> there was a premises for this address, been out here a
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couple times before, for him, neighbors, and things started to go downhill recently in the last month or so. but culminated tonight with this incident with the cross bow. >> reporter: police get 911 call at 9:20 and they a arrived within seconds already this poor with man practically bleed to go death. massive pool of blood, around her, she's pronounced dead at torresdale hospital. they arrested 42 year-old woman's boyfriend. he was still in the house. show was that cross bow. not in the house, alex and mike, one or both of these people shared custody of likely judging by the children's bedrooms set up in the house. police figure those kids, last night just leaving for a week and stayed here for a weekend visit or hadn't a arrived just yet after a weekend visit at another house fortunately. they didn't to have see this or be another victim of that cross bow weapons.
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>> receipts's hope not. >> 7:05. please excuse us for next three minutes because there is nothing but violence a lot of violence. >> local police are investigate ing four shootings and two deadly. latest happening 1:30 this morning in the 2400 block of cleveland street in north philadelphia police say a man in his 30's say a man was shot multiple times. he later died at the hospital. police are still looking for the shoot are. >> we are just getting started here. >> lets go to cobbs creek. one man is dead after a late night shoot there happened just before midnight in the 200 block of south edgewood street. police made an arrest at a nearby gas station shortly after a shooting. teen was also involved in the shooting. teen was rush to the hospital after being shot in west philadelphia overnight. shooting happened just after midnight on haverford avenue, and north 55th street. the teen was taken to penn presbyterian medical center where he is expect to survive. in word if any arrests have been made. >> we're not done. let's get to delaware,
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wilmington delaware one person was taken to the hospital in serious condition after being shot. it happened just after 10:00 last night on north spruce street as it intersects with tenth street. no arrestness that one. now better news a folcroft police officer shot seven times, once in the face, survived. he may get out of the hospital today. >> and his story gained national attention, support for officer christopher dorman continues to pour in. shot seven times. we're so glad he is expect to come out today, dave. >> reporter: that is right. we have better news we can pass along, mike, after a pretty violent night last night. we can tell you that the officer is said to be released from penn presbyterian at some point today after several bullets while on a call friday this 25 year-old officer christopher dorman pictured in his hospital bed and alert and talking after surgery and is expected to make a full recovery but family and friend say he will need a lot of financial help since he is a
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part-time officer without benefits. investigators say alleged drug dealer daunte brooks island shot an officer seven times including four bullets to his chest and the others to his face, groin, leg while responding to a call, friday morning, the bullet-proof vest he was wearing credited for saving his life, it has been a outpouring of support ever since. >> i have thousands of facebook messages that have not been yet answered because there is just so many messages of police departments, and people that just care about him being okay. that is all that matters okay right now that he is alive and okay. he might not be himself because it is something scar that i will happen but all he wants to do is get back to work. a go fun me page has been set up, and they had a $30,000
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goal. it has been increased to $40,000 for funds that will help cover various expenses for part-time officer. by the way, the shooter, a recent parolee charged with two counts of attempted murder and also accused of shooting at another officer when all of this originally went down friday morning, mike and alex. >> thanks, dave. officer dorman is recovering in the hospital, and set to get out today. he gets a special shout out from a top country music star. >> kind of, it was so special. >> it was special. >> well, what made it special was he said the officer was dead, right, lauren. >> yeah, kenney chesney shouts out the officer at his concert saturday night. the officer was supposed to be in the crowd but he is still recovering in the hospital. he publicly asked the country star not to forget about him. well, he learned about the officer story, responded with a special show of support, but said this by mistake. he passed away but before he passed away he did a video,
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that he wanted to come tonight. >> well, he didn't pass away. one of officer dorman's friends tell us he just laughed off chesney's flip up. chesney called him at the hospital yesterday morning to apologize and then kenney chesney tweeted out i told officer dorman we would watch an eagles game and have beers one day. officer dorman is expect to be released from the hospital at some point today. shoot are daunte island has been charged with attempted murder and aggravated assault. mike and alex. >> that is just one of the things where kenney just got bad information from one of his assistants. >> yes. >> he was caught up in the moment, talking bit and it came out. >> stuff happening. >> at least he gets to watch a game that would be really cool. hal lear is being remembered as one of the greatest basketball players in the history of temple university. he was good. he died at his home in white planes new york the saturday. eighty-one years old. you will see some video of him, we have it on our web site if you want to see it.
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look at that footage. that is from owls he started for the owls in the 50's and still holds the school record as a matter of fact for points scored in the season, 745 points, that is when you played all four years. his number six jersey was retired three years ago. i just said that backwards because he used to not play as a freshman but he played over three years. unbelievable scoring. this is an incredibly sad news over the weekend. the cousin of our new draft pick, ben simmons was killed over the weekend in a hit and run accident. they are still looking for the driver of this car it happened early saturday morning in hoboken, new jersey across the river from manhattan. ben simmons posted this picture on twitter showing him thursday night in brooklyn at the nba draft. he was there to support his
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cousin. the tweets saying rip rest in peace zachary simmons. i'm glad i can share this moment in my life with you. a car hit this 21 year-old, and his that i am was zachary, as he was crossing the street in hoboken. police are still searching for that vehicle, they think it is an escalade, a big suv. >> very sad to have such a big moment in your life and to have that terrible news, very sad. thinking of the simmons family for sure. 7:11. a bizarre scene in the cities yesterday morning. police were investigating an accident when a man ran up to them with a gunshot wound. while investigating a crash at 11th and west susquehanna avenue a man ran up yelling he was shot. police say he was hit a block away when someone fired five shots in his car. one hit him in his lower back. he was taken to the hospital in stable condition. so far, no arrests. in west philadelphia, the office of licenses and inspections is investigating a building collapse. it happened 5:30 yesterday
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evening the on the 5500 block of market street. building was vacant and nobody was injured. no word what caused the collapse. five people were stabbed in a protest outside of the california state capitol, sacramento, of course, fights broke out at what was supposed to be a rally by the traditionalists worker party which has been linked to white supremacy and far right causes. members of that group were met by members of the group that fights racism, homophobia and other forms of bigotry. five people were hospitalized with stab wound, two others were also taken to the hospital. more rain is expected in west virginia today. that is really bad news because of that, an area already devastated by flooding. a flash flood watch is issued for at least, well, 25 different counties in west
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virginia. twenty-five people have died, several are missing after the flooding that started last week. president obama has signed a federal disaster declaration which will give them funds for the hardest hit counties but almost everyone is affect. officials are warning that the death toll in california could rise in a couple days. cadaver dogs are being searched for areas impacted by a fire in the county. elderly couple found dead in the burned home over the weekend and more than 200 homes were destroyed. fire fighters were able to establish a perimeter around the fire yesterday. >> yeah, it is just north of los angeles. in new york city yesterday. >> pride parade participants were remembering the tragedy in orlando h they were coming together. the parade down fifth avenue knew in manhattan started with a moment of silence for a pulse nightclub shooting. many held banners and signs with messages like we are orlando. organizers said close to 2 million people attended yesterday's event.
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and the pope issued an apology yesterday, to the gay community, while making a stop in armenia. pope francis saying gays and all of the other people that the church has marginalized over decades deserved an apology. he even said that the church should apologize to women who have been exploited, to children forced into labor camps, and for having blessed so many weapons over the years. this all comes after a german cardinal said just days after a deadly orlando nightclub attack that the church owes an apology to gay people. so, the pope did that yesterday. 7:14. the race for the white house enters a new phase as candidates look ahead to next month's national conventions. and to the general election. >> i saw four new polls yesterday, on how it would come out the in each of the state, two new polls have hillary clinton gaining on donald trump but it is not
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clear yet how much, you know, decide to go leave the european union to fight britain how that effects these polls. that the wasn't factored in. the mood in america about economics and immigration and other issues takes a different turn since uk decided to leave the eu. >> trump's campaign chairman says there is a hiring spree in 16 states and campaign is working with the republican national committee to solidify other matters. >> listen to this, our campaign is organize. we will have a good convention. we're confident that we are not behind, the clinton campaign. >> clinton was back out on the campaign trail yesterday pledging unity between the two parties. independent day is what a week from today. >> a week from today. >> yeah, fourth of july. so wawa welcome america festival begins today. >> there will be free events to enjoy all week long. we will start with telling you what is going on today. today's events include free
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museum day at ben franklin museum. it starts at 9:00 and goes to the 7:00 p.m. you can see dedication of our flag unfurled, this afternoon from two to 3:00 p.m. take the kid to find out what goes on behind the scenes of the favorite pixar movie at franklin institute. i have been wanting to see that. >> really good. >> from 7:00 to 8:30. enjoy film finding knee moan and at franklin square. and i do believe the constitution center, i think in our fox 29 instagram account, this morning, they are offering free admission today too. >> so, finding nemo, is at franklin square tonight. >> that is what it says. >> yes. >> is that the original movie. >> that is. >> that is a fun thing to do. what will the temperature be around 8:00 o'clock. >> it will be about 78 degrees. >> oh. >> yes. >> that is amazing. >> that is where i set my thermostat. >> will there be showers around. >> no.
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>> okay. >> good. >> we are looking at some rain moving in the western suburbs. sixty-five right now. dew .62. you like to see that dew point down because that is nice and comfortable. that is where it was all weekend. the not where it will be later today. it will be a bit muggy tonight so no matter what you do this evening just a few showers, they will be around but there is a lot more storms in the forecast for tomorrow. and start off today with the temperatures in the 60's, now, heading to the 07's and we will top out in the mid 80's. not a bad day but we have to watch the radar. a few showers and storms, will ab approaching from the west, around 4:00 o'clock and between 4:00 and 8:00 o'clock, these showers will break apart, and then they don't quite make it to philadelphia it will be close but we will keep a close eye on the radar as they could hold together the north and western suburbs. there will be around again tomorrow morning these are not moving through, everything stalls out. we are looking at series of rain and tomorrow afternoon these could be stronger storms moving through. a line developing now, this will be moving out by
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wednesday, but as it moves through look for some gusty win, maybe some hail as these storms have have the possibility of becoming severe. humid air pulled autopsy head of it, marginal risk for severe storms. there will be storms and a few could be strong or severe. there they are tomorrow, wednesday, we will clear out. now thursday as you are starting to look ahead towards that holiday weekend, it is sunny and nice. like to see that continue but we have clouds increasing on friday, saturday, chance of showers and a few thunderstorms possible on sunday and we will keep a close eye on the forecast because fourth of july as mike said earlier is a week away bob kelly. >> looking forward to a good holiday weekend. 7:18. live look at blue route 476 right here near baltimore pike folks getting up and out, we have sun glare, beginning of the morning rush hour, even here coming up i-95 from delaware county sun glare in there as well working your way up toward commodore barry bridge. gang in new jersey heading
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from cherry hill for the shaders in toward tacony palmyra, no problems on any area bridge this is morning. southbound i-95 out of the north east 22 minutes from wood have men to downtown. westbound on the pennsy turnpike philadelphia over to valley forge just under a half an hour trip. septa doing track work again this week shuttle buses running on both route ten and route 15 trolleys and if you use the dart bus this is in wilmington grab a new schedule. they have put a new timetable in effect. todays day is first workday that bus schedule is operating. if you are coming back there the shore, maybe spent an extra night, with sand in us showers coming back to the office, no problems on the expressway or garden state parkway. 7:19. fear on the international scale, the fall out from the brexit vote still being felt around the world this morning. how the markets are doing after taking a dive last week.
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coming up in ten minutes we will talk with the folcroft police chief and delaware county district attorney for an update on injured officer chris dorman who is expect to be released from the hospital later today after being shot, seven times.
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i survived breast cancer. if the doctors hadn't caught it early i might not be sitting here. so i'm outraged that pat toomey voted to defund planned parenthood... ...which thousands of pennsylvania women depend on for cancer screenings. pat toomey was even willing to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood.
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shut down the government over planned parenthood? i think we ought to shut down pat toomey. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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so britain decided to leave european union, everybody goes crazy. >> big financial fall out. >> yep. >> so does this mean bad news for your retirement savings or trading portfolio. >> my 401k did go down, lauren, fix it. >> dit not. >> it did. >> yeah, don't look at it. here's the problem, the dow jones fell 610 points on friday, it is negative for the year, s and p is negative for the year, nasdaq is negative for the year, very few people making money. don't check 401k. you don't have money or you are not seeing gains in the
7:24 am
stock market or any investment you have, you don't feel rich. you will in the go spend money. this is terrible for economy. that is precisely had happened on friday when british voted to leave european union. so when does it end. it is not ending today. market is indicated to lose a hundred points looking at the dow jones. european stocks are down in the big way. banks are down. oil prices are down. but that mean gas prices will go down and when the bond market gets hammered here, mortgage rates might go down. that is your silver lining. go buy a house, mortgage rates going down even more. other than that it is pretty bad. >> all right. nobody panic, i shouldn't do what i did. >> what did you do. >> i looked at my 401k. >> don't look at it. >> lauren, mike doesn't want to say brexit because it remind him of breakfast.
7:25 am
>> i sometimes on sunday morning will open up the fridge and see cold pizza and i like to bite into cold pizza, what do you think of that. >> i really enjoy cold pizza and cold pasta to tell you the truth. i don't like soggy pizza, my mom likes it. >> my mom likes cold fried chick ebb. i'm totally with it. that is better than hot fried chicken. >> yes. >> go back to pizza, worse thing when the pizza delivery guy, shows up an hour later with your cold soggy pizza, that is about to end because it is in silicone valley called zoom pizza that is working on a robot to make the pizza, do the do, put the sauce and cheese on but cook it in the truck on the way to your house. >> wow, that would be really cool. >> that is impressive. >> i love the sound of that. >> probably more expensive. >> i know some of the pizza
7:26 am
have ovens in their trucks already just to keep it warm. >> i did not know that. >> well, for all of you're tall yan viewers, when you want good pizza, you eat it at a pizzeria, you don't have them bring to your house because it is soggy and if you eat it at home you have to pick it up your self so you know exactly how long it will take. i didn't know they make them in the the back of the truck. >> is simonetti is your maiden name. >> maiden. >> yes. >> you are italian all the way. >> almost, in the completely. >> almost. >> hey my daughter, guess what my daughter gave me for fathers day. >> your fathers day gift. >> it didn't come in yet. >> what is it. >> she gave me that thing where you swab your cheeks and send tonight to or ancestry to the come. >> did you find anything. >> i don't want to do that ever. >> because i know people that done it and they turnout to be the complete opposite of what they thought they were their
7:27 am
whole life. >> that is not funny, we didn't hear what you said. >> do the generic tv laugh because we were interrupted so lets do it in three, two, one. >> unless there was something really negative thaw said, if that is the case, um. >> okay. we will get together later. >> thanks, lauren. here's the important thing, interrupt that had conversation, here's general general. >> here i am, raise your hand if you are already bored. you have been out of school for what three days. so, anyway we are summering in ambler we have great idea, teach your kid math, while they have a -- that is what we will do. who is bored already? all right. we will be right back.
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dave war men for sue serio. she's off all week. our temperatures are in the 60's right now. going lower 60's, philadelphia at 65. dense fog out there only in delaware, some areas in
7:31 am
delaware, around dover, quarter mile visibility, on the roadways there slow it down visibility can drop but burning off with the sunshine. sunglasses today. in the 60's with nice start. heading for a nice afternoon but humidity starts to creep up. ultimate doppler is clear but we will keep a close eye on the radar because we're expecting a few showers and storms between 4:00 and 6:00 north and west. they will fall apart moving through the philadelphia area but they will stick around for a while there is more rain in the forecast tomorrow. mainly north and west are those storms today, bit more humid, in the right now we will feel it this afternoon as temperatures climbing in the 80's, moisture increases, and that will fuel thunderstorms tomorrow and we will look at that in the forecast coming up. here's a lot at road. >> good morning, dave. we have a combination of sun glare, fog, live look at 42 freeway coming in toward philadelphia, coming back from the new jersey shore this morning. maybe a little sand in your shoe heading right back into
7:32 am
the city. jammed up on 202, this is a live look at north bound side of 202 working your way through construction zone, bypass, heading in to route 401, up in chester county. here's an example of the dense fog down in dover delaware and it the is hit and miss, real centralized from wilmington right through dover speed way to give meehan idea but further north you go up in wilmington we will get sun glare. staying in wilmington the new dart bus schedules went into effect today. they have change them over the weekend but today is the first workday where everybody has to follow the new schedule. if you use the dart bus system make sure you are on time with the right timetable, south on i-95, heavy from woodhaven road into center city, i 24 minute trip from westbound toville i over to valley forge. just over a half an hour on the clock there. septa using shuttle buses on
7:33 am
route ten and 15 trolleys all due to track work until mid-july and heading down, or if you stay down the shore go right from the beach and in the office no problems at all, on the atlantic city expressway, or garden state parkway. folks had work their way through a that construction zone there on friday, heading down the shore, and this is that first full week where everybodyes off from school, you know, saturday to saturday, sunday to sunday check in. we will see lighter than normal volume around town this morning. northbound on the the northeast extension an overturned truck on the off ramp to quakertown causing some delays. otherwise good to go coming back from the poconos and in delays at the airport, mike and alex, back over to you good do you want to hear something scary. >> let's do it. >> at 7:33. a singapore airline plane catches fire after returning to an airport after a engine warning. good thing they did.
7:34 am
>> the boeing jet liner was on its way to milan earl are this morning when the pilot noticed the warning after landing at the airport. plane's right engine caught fire. look at this. >> there were no injuries. the passengers were transferred to another plane which departed milan. >> one of the passengers looking on the towards the wing videotaped this thing. >> wow. >> that is where most of the the fuel is, of course, in the wings. >> what would you be feeling seeing on the plane. >> just pull over and open the doors, i want off. nobody was hurt. >> i'm walking. 7:34. look at that foam. philadelphia police say they have arrested a man who fatally shot his girlfriend, not with a gun but with a cross bow. >> the four two-year old woman was shot once in the chest around 10:15 last night, emergency crews called to the scene on willits road. would hand died at the hospital a all right time later. authorities have not released any details on what happened.
7:35 am
and then how about this violence erupts overnight in many places around our area, this morning local police are investigating four different shootings that happened over at a three hour period. the latest happening at 1:30 this morning in the 2300 block of cleveland street in north philadelphia. police say that a man in his 30's was shot multiple times. he later died at the hospital. police are looking for the shooter, of course. >> one man is dead after a late night shooting in cobbs creek. it happen just before midnight on the 200 block of south edgewood street. police made an arrest at a nearby gas station shortly after the shooting. and a teen was rush to the hospital after being shot in west philadelphia overnight. the shooting happened just after midnight on the hand forward avenue at north 55th street. the teen was taken to penn presbyterian medical center where he is expected to survive, no word on if any arrests have been made. not just philadelphia, also delaware, wilmington, one person was taken to the hospital in serious condition after being shot, it happened just after 10:00 o'clock last night on north spruce street at tenth, no word on any
7:36 am
arrests in that one. take a quick break coming right back.
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people have been saying even though school is out a few days that their kid are already bored. >> it doesn't take long. >> jen has some solutions, fun things you can company. >> she's in ambler. >> yes, we're here in ambler. we're here with denise. good morning to you. >> you say you have done this before where you have had everyone in the neighborhood gets a day to did a mom camp. >> we call it village camp so everybody you are stuck with 30 kid that day but in exchange your kid get to go to 30 other houses. you get 30 days off. you organize camp, you have neighborhood kid come over and suck it up all day long give them food, drink, water but mostly games. >> so this game right here is a game but teaching them to math. >> we sneak in teaching. >> show us what we are doing here. you basically put numbers with chalk and then they have some sponge west water. >> we will do bulls eye, any numbers you want.
7:40 am
we use sponges but you can use balls from the pool, wet balls from the pool, throw it and that is where we get. so we got a hundred. >> goal, you want to get most points. >> high score wins. >> but we get them to do math. >> go ahead, zach. >> these girls are adding it up. >> right. >> i love it. >> so we come over here and we have lemonade stand. i have to say you have a perfect street for it. a will lot of things don't have a street like this but you take it to the next level. >> it is mayberry u.s.a. here. my kids are good decorators and they do get more tips with their set up. lucy had one and people were saying i love that table clothe and giving it her moth i. so, i say take it to the next level, everybody has a lemonade stand but if you have a garden and too many vegetables let your kid learn some marketing skills.
7:41 am
>> put vegetables out. we have cocktail hour but my kid put it out and some people put it in the lemonade. find what you are good at. we have vegetables, lemonade flowers. we have a bush and we cut flowers and rubber band them together and wouldn't you love to buy this. >> yes, i would. >> we have good prices too. >> i love this too. >> talking about marketing, say put this maybe next to your stand. >> tell your kids to think about what they could be good at. they could be artists. they could give baseball lessons, fix your bike. danny is a good at french braiding. then we have put on a math, 10 cents an inch, they have to figure it out and give change. >> she's not a little girl but you a little girl would love this. >> yes. >> even a medium girl, tween girl. >> she is smiling. >> okay, good. >> all morning long we will she people just for ideas,
7:42 am
there is not a lot of clean up, not a lot of brain power you just to have copy your idea. >> some are completely obvious. >> completely obvious. >> go to my facebook page, and twitter and tell us about other ideas. i like that you put it down and they are still playing. it is working. >> yes. >> guys. so far what do you think. mike yearrick yes, we will be drawing things on your apartment floor and sending kid over. >> what would i do when i was growing up in the tougher neighborhood then this. by the way, what do you think other 29 moms are doing today, is it like the wine bar. >> they are drinking, yes, they are. >> my neighborhood growing up, i don't know if we had lemonade stand, three cardamonty being played, dice. >> dice, really. >> throwing tennis shoes over, well, okay. >> fire hydrant. >> opening up a a fire
7:43 am
hydrant. >> would i go run and hide and go seek. >> back in the day. >> grab fire flies and make rings out of them. >> getting honey suckles and eating them. >> the old days. >> coming up we will talk to the folcroft police chief and our delaware county district attorney about the amazing story of this officer's recovery after being shot several times, they is, officer dorman getting out of the hospital today.
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we have two separate accidents on 295. both northbound. the first one is northbound right at the willingboro interchange, and then another accident near 541. two separate crashes. here's a live lot at the freeway coming in toward philadelphia, starting to see volume pop, folks work their way closer in towards a city and live look coming in the opposite way on 422, heavy with sun glare with collegeville into king of prussia. here's an example of the fog, mainly down in dover. this is just about a half mile from the dover speed way, so some fog, some sun, little bit of everything rolling out of the driveway and same in delaware new dart bus schedules went in effect, mass transit, septa says they are if good shape. what is rest of the forecast looking like?
7:47 am
dave standing by with the answer in 15 seconds. we can see showers and storms. mainly north and west, north and afternoon. there will be around tomorrow. and off and on throughout the day. heaviest in the evening could be severe. thursday is nice day with sunny skies, friday, saturday, sunday showers back both saturday and sunday as we head in the who will take weekend. >> good news out of the delaware county. >> folcroft officer christopher dorman is expect to be released from the hospital today and this is just a few days after he was shot, several times. >> twenty-five years old, rookie officer was responding
7:48 am
to a call friday morning, about 1:30 in the morning when things got very scary. >> police say officer christopher dorman first on the scene pulled up to this apartment complex on friday just a half block from the police station, after neighbors reported someone smoking marijuana and drug dealing. officers dorman got out of his car. >> it was a scuffle, and then all of a sudden pop, pop, pop. >> there were six gunshots all of which were 40 feet away from frustrates. >> my gosh he is just shot a cop. >> reporter: officer dorman was shot seven times right behind him a second officer pulled up and returned fire. officer dorman somehow made his way down an alley where he met another office shore rush him into his patrol car and straight to the hospital. >> the doctors say that anyone one of those round on his vest could have been fatal. he was shot in the front and back of their vest with wound to his body, one to the face, one in his groin and one in his leg. we thank god he had his vest
7:49 am
on. >> reporter: he was taken into surgery and spent the weekend in the hospital. he is expect to make a full recovery. man who shot him is facing two counts of attempted murder against a police officer. >> any comment to the families? >> are you sorry for what you do. >> joining us we have folcroft police chief robert and delaware county district attorney jack whalen. >> quite a few officers behind them, welcome to "good day philadelphia". >> tell us more about that. he sound like a folcroft guy, through and through. >> he has been doing nothing but serve his community. he can be a officer. bee can came an officer a little over a year ago. he has been a great kid. >> he is expected to come out today and what is his status
7:50 am
now. >> i got a even if call late last night, and, expected to be released sometime afternoon today. >> in that stud wye gentlemen dust thank god for bullet-proof vest. is that a requirement do your officers to have wear that vest every day. >> yes, those that have a vest and, we want them to wear their vest, for safety reasons. >> quick question to you, jack, did you know about this suspect. >> considered a career carnival. he is a very dangerous career chemical. he didn't hesitate to try to kill two officers. we will prosecute this individual. he is looking at sub tanks time. on the aggravated assault count is there a special provision to protect law
7:51 am
enforcement officers that are shot at with attempted murder. aggravated assault statues indicates on each count, he is facing 20 to 40 years. we will arguing to the court he should be sentenced consecutively so he in effect will receive a sentence of 40 to 80 years if the court agrees with us. that is tan amount to a life sentence. >> we have been talking about daunte island. 1.3 others are being questioned. do we know any others about the others being questioned for involvement in this. >> i do. they have been cooperating. we will be able to utilize their testimony. they have not been arrested. they will not be charged. >> a lot of people have been asking, so much support circling around officer dorman. some people are saying, wow, he is part-time how can we help out. you have a go fund me page and it seems like a lot of people are pouring in with support. >> chief, this is probably to you. >> it is amazing, isn't it. you see what is going on
7:52 am
nationwide with the police and see something like this in a small town. i got to tell you the citizens, not only folcroft but all around have been stopping, bringing things in, card, donations, there has been a couple candle light vigils, so it is really been outpouring of support has been unbelievable. >> how has he been responding to it officer dor man. >> you know, chris is a funny guy. he really appreciates it, obviously. he can't thank everybody enough. he is enjoying it. young man. he is not used to this kind of a thing. he has a great sense of humor so i'm sure he will crack jokes bit soon which is what i want him to do. >> he does seem like he has a good sense of humor. he was laughing about the fact that kenney chesney at his concert said that he was dead. >> yeah, it is a mistake that can happen to anybody but hey
7:53 am
mr. chesney called him, they talk on the phone and they made arrangements to this that and the or thing. it all work out in the even. >> youyou know, tell us more about folcroft itself. it seems like everybody in the community came out. >> i was asked this question by a reporter on friday. about what is going on nationally. we don't experience it. we have a great community. our citizens can help us out. they are eyes and ears for the police but they really are. we officers we stop and talk to to the kid, play with the kids, and parents. it is just fortunate for us, but we really do have a good relationship. we have a great community. not that there isn't other areas too but this is just unique, it is. >> from all of the vigils and community coming together. >> and picture of him as a
7:54 am
super hero. >> it has been trending on, twit are dorman the delco legend. >> will you kail him legend from now on. >> he will probably ask us to, yeah. >> when he makes a full recovery we will look to have him on the show, and, thanks for joining to us day, good to see you guys. >> thank you, very much. >> thanks for taking care of us, protecting us. >> thank you for are service. >> 7:54. teacher uses fruit to teach a lesson heard around the world, how she's turning apples into a powerful anti bleeding message. >> apples in the lemons. (man) wow. (male off-screen announcer) what's it feel like to win $100,000 home makeover, with top prizes of a hundred grand? (man) whoa. it's amazing.
7:55 am
yes! (male off-screen announcer) with instant games from the pennsylvania lottery, the instant you play could be the instant you win. keep on scratchin'.
7:56 am
7:57 am
a teachers use of a common fruit to teach a lesson on the effects of bullying has made it around the world on the internet. >> lauren johnson is here to explain it has to do with an
7:58 am
apple. >> as you can see there, rosie teaches a weekly class about mindfulness and relaxation. in the post she explains how she showed class harmful effects of bullying using apples. she said that she dropped the apple on the floor self times, bruising inside of the apple but leaving outside unharmed. next up, she explained how she treated it poorly once kid were in class by making mean comments, dropping tonight front of the kid and then she passed the healthy apple around the classroom showered it with kind word, encouragement and compliments. well in the facebook post she explains what people are bullied especially children they feel horrible inside and sometimes don't show or tell others how they are feeling. if we hadn't cut that apple open we would have never known how much pain we had caused it. that eye opening lesson, struck a cord with the children. the once they cut tonight half and saw bruising, mushy inside despite appearing identical on the outside to the other apple. her post, mike and alex has
7:59 am
been shared over 200 shower times. >> what a great way to show. >> never would have thought of it. >> really, very smart. >> i bet kids in the classroom they started to think twice about how they treat others. >> i might treat you poorly. sometimes you say i don't treat you well, throughout the week. >> you treat me poorly. >> i will cut you in half and look in your inside and make sure you are okay. >> once you cut me open, you will be done. >> that is true. >> you can just be nice. >> twice as nice, there would be two of you. >> there would be two halves. >> okay. >> i have no idea what i'm saying. it the is only monday. can you imagine what friday will be like. >> we will be in wildwood. >> throw me in the ocean. >> it is monday, june 27th. >> yes, june 27th. >> 2016. >> we are seeing shocking
8:00 am
murder a local man charged with killing his girlfriend why the weapon involved is making headlines around the world. >> embarrassing mistake. >> he passed away but before he passed away he did a video. he wanted to come tonight. >> a local hero is very much alive, what kenney chesney is promising officer dorman to make it right. >> going above and beyond. >> i could not look myself in the mirror to sees somebody who needs help and you are able to help them, you know, in do it. i was not raise that had way. >> a septa bus driver channels his inner hero and how he jumped in to action to get after a thief. feeling the bern, too much time in the sun left you a little red? how you can find relief using what you already have in the
8:01 am
kitchen. ♪ >> and, fulfilling a promise. the bet award honored prince with one moving tribute after another. >> ♪ >> and our local guy was so good last night. >> sheila e looking good after all these years. >> speaking of the apples, before we bent to the break, i used to go to high school with the apple sisters they were twins. their last name was apple. >> that is lovely. >> corey and seedy. >> here's dave in for sue on vacation in myrtle beach. >> yes. >> myrtle beach. >> say hi to my parents down
8:02 am
there. >> are your parents. >> just north of that. >> we will to have talk, i lived in myrtle beach. >> good place to go, boardwalk and the beach something like that good let's talk about our boardwalks. it is 7:00 our number of the day because we are seeing nice comfortable weather right now but things will be changing later. nice start. grab the sunglasses, it is sun glass day seriously that is what today is, it is on the calendar on the internet so it is true. sixty-eight in philadelphia. allentown up to 70. lets check with a few suburbs there mid to low 60's and climbing with the sunshine, upper 60's. seventy-two in ocean city. look out for fog around, dover, rain later today knotter and western suburbs between four and 5:00 moving in the north and western suburbs, maybe a thunderstorm and weaken and fall apart. it will be around tomorrow though we will have one thunderstorm north and west but more rain tomorrow look at
8:03 am
that in the seven day forecast, coming up lets head over to bob. >> it is called broadway at the beach. >> 8:03. good morning everybody. we have got some problems on 295, two separate accidents northbound at mount holly willingboro interchange and another one up near 541. two separate accidents all on that north bound side. problems with patco this morning, no suprise services, the westbound trains in philadelphia will be running every 15 minutes, each bound trains running every ten minutes grab a snack for the ride there. here's a live look at the schuylkill expressway, more folks leaving town westbound, stack up from the boulevard out toward city. we have got some sun glare inbound and folks coming back from the shore right from south jersey or into the 42 freeway towards 295. mass transit, other than patco looking good. developing right now northeast philadelphia a woman
8:04 am
tied after being shot the with the cross bow. >> all right, steve, tell us about this weird story. well, our viewers at 8:00 are wondering did she say cross bow, yes. a cross bow. even veterans homicide detectives at headquarters tell us they have never seen this before. police say they have been to this house on will its road up in torresdale in the northeast for domestic troubles. if you are wondering how powerful a cross bow can be? well, listen to captain anthony jenaldi tell us about the arrow or bolt, as he called it and what it did to the couch and furniture too. >> female victim was shot in the chest with a hunting cross bow. it penetrated her chest, penetrated through her chest in the couch, and then actually was embedded in the wall. she ran, from 3145 to 3143 will its next door to the neighbors for where she
8:05 am
collapsed in the doorway. >> if you are wondering what he just said, it went into her chest and out her back and in the front of the couch and out the back of the couch and then finally stopped by a wall that is how powerful it the is, folks. police found this poor woman with a massive loss of blood when they arrived seconds after the 911 call. she was pronounced dead as soon as they rush her to the hospital after getting her here at 9:30 last night. at the house they found her 40 year-old man who they think is her live in boyfriend and they found the cross bow in the house. not in the house unfortunately children. alex and mike rooms were set up for children's bedroom. they believe one or both shared custody with maybe another parent somewhere else and the kid were with the other people. >> unreal. >> thanks, steve. folcroft police officer is recovering after being shot seven times on friday. >> he will be release from the hospital, can you believe it, seven times, bullet to the
8:06 am
face, dave kinchen. >> reporter: that is right. we expect he will be released this afternoon, after being shot, shot seven times while answering a call on friday. thinks christopher dorman pictured in his hospital bed. he has been alert, talking after surgery and he is expect to make a full recovery but family and friend say he will need plenty of financial help since he is a part-time officer without benefits. investigators say an allege drug dealer daunte brooks island shot him seven times including wound to the chest, others to his face, groin, leg while responding to a call of suspicious activity friday morning. bullet-proof vest officer dorman was wearing is credited for saving his life ape been an outpouring of support ever since. >> he deserves everything that he has done, all of the support, love from everybody around the world. i have thousands of facebook messages that have not been answered yet because is there just so many messages of
8:07 am
police departments, and people that just care about him being okay and that is all that matters is he is alive and he is okay a. owe might not be himself for a little while, something that happens but i was saying he needs help. >> donations set up, north of $28,000 and you heard police chief of folcroft talking about this a few minutes ago on good day philadelphia their goal was $40,000. they had a goal of 30, they raised to it 40,000 there another quick note here the suspect in this case a recent parolee is now charged with two counts of attempted murder because he also allegedly tried to shoot another police officer as well in this whole incident. >> he will be in jail the rest of his life. >> that is right. at least he is a live because kenney chesney said he
8:08 am
was dead and you never want to hear someone say you are dead. >> even if it is from your favorite country music star. >> he was going to go to the chesney concert but could not go because he was in the hospital. >> he recorded a video and asked the singer not to forget about him n response kenney chesney gave him a special shout out on stage, special shout out of support but he mistakenly said this. >> he passed away but before he passed away he did a video but he wanted to come tonight. >> well, of course, he did make a video saying hey i'm in the hospital can't make it to the show. so kenney chesney's pr people or somebody close to him said he was dead which is absolutely not true. >> he apologized and he tweeted i told office are dorman we would watch an eagles game and have beer one day. >> i bet they do. >> it was no laughing matter over the weekend, for jay leno in a drag racing stunt really
8:09 am
went hey wire. >> he was is a long for the ride in, a drag racer. >> it is a hemi under glass drag racing event. >> thank goodness he was strapped in tight for this. >> are you all right. >> are you okay. >> i'm okay. >> that was footage of bob kelly coming into work this morning. >> veteran stunt man, behind the wheel at the speed way in california. >> yeah, they have a famous speed way there nobody was seriously injured, taken a ride in that drag racer. it was on jay leno's bucket
8:10 am
list. >> glad he didn't kick the bucket. >> that is his kick the bucket list. >> so jay leno, even though he is a multi millionaire, he still has a tv show that is all about cars because he is a big car collector. he puts engines together and all that. >> it is scary seeing scar turn like that or thrown about inside the car. >> crazy. >> i don't remember which network it is on but i see it every now and then. he always has a full denim outfit. he wears denim shirt and jeans on every show. >> he likes denim, nothing wrong with denim. >> denim on denim is not good. >> if you have different washes. >> i thought about that the other night. >> i heard denim on den it is no good but if i have you have different colors is that all right. >> i'm no fashionista we will to have ask someone. >> would you wear denim on denim. >> i was told no. >> would you wear the denim top. >> i had a denim shirt.
8:11 am
>> what kind of pants. >> jeans but they were white. >> that is not denim. >> our fashion guru for any my ear said, i don't know. i will look it up. >> different washes, right. >> yes. >> put your even if down when you are in bed. >> you could temporarily go blind, one position you want to avoid looking at your smart phone in the sheets. >> talking about in bed positions alex, really. >> with your phone. >> ing ago above and beyond a septa bus driver channels his energy and how he jumped in to action to capture a thief and he is here in the studio, look at him right there. >> there is your head line right they will be in our studio. he is.
8:12 am
8:13 am
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did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? i got your nose! i got your nose right here. i know that's your thumb, grandpa. talent! learn about it! 68 degrees, dew point is also climbing, feels nice and comfortable but you close to 07 later today. nice start with some humidity coming back, later this afternoon, showers, tonight, and more storms, tomorrow, and
8:15 am
60's now closing in on 70. we are heading to the 80's this afternoon. there will be a few showers around later this afternoon, more storms tomorrow, could be a round in the morning and continue throughout the afternoon. watch storms tomorrow afternoon they could be strong or severe. clearing up on wednesday. by thursday a is in day, like to see that continue because we are starting this long holiday weekend. friday, saturday, sunday, you have to put a few showers, not all weekend, and certainly not heavy at times but they will be around this weekend as long as temperatures in the 80's, bob kelly. >> you got it. 85:00. couple problems in new jersey first of all two separate accidents on 295, all centered around the north bound side right her near mount holly interchange between mount holly and further north at 541. we got word patco, they announced emergency track work this morning. there is no express trains. the trains are pulling up to
8:16 am
the station jammed packed and getting pictures up on twitter where folks are not even able to get on the train once they pull in the station. official word is that they are running trains every 15 minutes coming into philadelphia eastbound trains running every ten. if you typically use patco be ready for a rough morning. here's sun glare and delays along route one, excuse me blue route 476 right here near route one. septa though is looking good with no delays. mike and alex, back over to you. speaking of septa here's a septa story for you. >> some people are calling him a real life super man. the septa bus driver but don't call him a hero. >> i could not look myself in the mirror to sees somebody who need help and you are able to help them, you know, not do it, i was than the raise that had way. >> reporter: charles otterbury has been a bus driver for septa for 28 years n that time he has experience add lot of things but nothing prepared him for what happened last monday along his bus route. >> waiting on the bus.
8:17 am
gentlemen came up behind her and snatched her pocketbook. not thinking i just went after him. >> reporter: not only did he go after the suspect but he caught him, took him down and held him until police arrived and much of it was court on video. >> it is definitely courageous, otterbury, he is the definition of going above and beyond. >> in the time when many people air frayed to enter these situations, he was moved into action. >> and charles is right here, hi charles. welcome to good day philadelphia good to see you nice to meet you. >> that was first day on that route. >> yes, sir. >> how long have you been with septa. >> eighteen years. >> yes, sir. >> anything like that ever happen to you before. >> early in my career something happened like that but nothing like what i did, that day. >> you were saying it is probably because were you younger then.
8:18 am
>> yes. >> well, there was no hesitation it didn't seem to me. >> i'm not built for speed. >> do it now. >> exactly. >> when you lot at the video showing it now what were your thoughts when you were running out there to help. >> is that me. >> pretty much. >> yes. >> you are noting ago way. i will expect you to pull away but you are not. you will be in trouble in a little bit. >> i'll tell you what, some other passengers got off, eventually to help. >> yes, two passengers, that are regular riders, now that i know of, they helped me. so i appreciate them. >> because, it does than the happen all the time in the city like this people sit back and don't take action. >> yes. >> you thought about them. you don't want something to happen to them. >> i have two daughters, i
8:19 am
have a wife, you know, i would want somebody to help them if something like that happened to them. >> what did they say about this, are they calling you a hero at home. >> dad, what did you do? >> my oldest son called me captain america, you know, and he sent me emojis with captain america. couple guys sent me captain america. it is getting craze. >> captain america. >> captain charles. >> are you working today unfortunately septa gave me a day off. >> unfortunately. >> so after that i will get home and just relax. >> you deserve to relax a little bit. >> well, tell me about being a bus driver on septa, is it even jill. >> i started when i was 22 and loved it. septal medallions and poster,
8:20 am
now at 49, i go in, do what i do and leave, that is it, you know. >> you mentioned some of the regulars on the bus with you, what is that like, everybody knows everybody, how are you doing today. >> but now the fact i have been working since it has been a week today, they get on same time, same corner. now good morning, good morning, what is up. >> now they know they got your back. >> they got my back too and i appreciate it. >> so where did you grow up. >> i grew up, as i told you earlier, my kids clown me and my wife, i grew up in camden, new jersey when it was nice. people don't believe me. >> some parts are still nice, good people. >> my mommies still there. same house i grew up in. there is a soul food place there. >> yes, yes.
8:21 am
>> good to meet you. >> pleasure. >> i have a co work shore is a good friend of mine he a really appreciates. >> yes. >> say hi. >> darryl jamison. >> hello to you. thank you for watching. >> you can put them together so what do you mean by a appreciate. >> i will leave it at that. >> hi, darryl. >> you can continue. >> okay. >> here we go. >> look at this. >> that looks good. >> you know, darryl, step it up. >> he has been honored by
8:22 am
septa. >> thank you. >> did heather bring new here. >> hi heather. >> did you watch the bet award, very good from los angeles? jessica williams, gave a powerful speech about race while accepting the humanitarian award and there were a a bunch of tributes to prince. we will play them for you there plus jen is helping to figure out what to do with the kid with all this time on the hand. she has her feet up. that is what she wants you to be able to do. >> i want to have my feet up. look where kids are. they are playing. this is a great thing thaw guys can do, we will tell you bit, and you don't to have think bit coming on back.
8:23 am
8:24 am
i survived breast cancer. if the doctors hadn't caught it early i might not be sitting here. so i'm outraged that pat toomey voted to defund planned parenthood... ...which thousands of pennsylvania women depend on for cancer screenings. pat toomey was even willing to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. shut down the government over planned parenthood? i think we ought to shut down pat toomey. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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jill scott took a long walk down the aisle. she got married over the weekend. according to the instagram page of dj mars and the group, she tied the knot with her long time boyfriend mike dobson. in addition, when he told me he would be getting married, he didn't tell me he was marrying jill scott he just asked me to dj. he kept it secret. you can see her reaction there, she got a very big the reception. >> yes. >> whoever shot this got the so excite. >> big daddy kane was a surprise and you can see jill scott saying my gosh. i looked at some of the speech at the reception, her husband gave and he said i have some surprises tonight, he says something that she didn't even know about and that was a surprise, big daddy kane. >> yes. >> so wedding has been planned but not many people knew, congratulations to jill scott.
8:27 am
>> philadelphia native, jilly from philly. >> she had a line of bras for a while. >> she did. >> it had a double clasp in the back. >> you know about the bras. >> what? >> i would talk to her and i would say thanks, a lot. >> my god. >> i love her music. >> congratulations, jill. >> are you feeling the bern? i'm not talking about political news like bernie sanders, feeling the sunburn, too much time in the sun, down the shore, we have some residents, now they are kind of homemade remedies. this is not stuff you buy in the drugstore, right? this is stuff from your fridge. >> yes, at home. >> who are you. >> i'm christie. >> we will talk to you. (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles...
8:28 am
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can show you coverage options to fit your budget. oh -- ohhh! she slimed me. [ laughs ]
8:31 am
♪ >> it looks like there, did bet fulfill their promise. they know we are disappointed by other tributes, but we got you. did they have it. tweet us. we will do big moments from the surprises, even the fashion, from the bet award last night. from dancing at the met gala to meeting the parents, taylor swift, they take a big step over weekend but was it too soon. how long should you wait before introducing someone to mom and daddy. >> until it ended, they never met my parents. >> you didn't want them to meet my parents. >> why don't you want me to meet my parents. >> then it ended. >> well, i'm in the very proud of this. >> it is a big step. >> let me tell you, it is.
8:32 am
>> we will talk about it later. >> okay. >> summer days come with a that feeling to hang out in the sun all day and then you get burn. >> what do you do about sunburn. you don't always have to go to the drugstore to get a product. >> trying to get etan. >> trying to get savage. >> whose side are you on, eddie. >> minor the ozone, choose one. >> i'm on your side, all right, calm down. >> i will put this aloe on your back to feel better. >> ouch. >> my brother hoist the perfect man, my brother tommy is the perfect man because he is a nuclear physics and very smart. >> just because you are smart doesn't mean you are perfect. >> i took his daughter on a vacation to the bohamas. >> he said take care of my daughter, don't let anything happen. >> first day she got so sunburn she could never go out the rest of the week.
8:33 am
>> my goodness. >> doctors had to be flown in. >> yes. >> look who is here, brand new to television, first time on tv, right. >> yes. >> she's christie and she's a es station. >> they are a person who takes care of your skin. >> look at me. >> take care of her skin. >> yes. >> take care of your skin throughout the sun. >> when i get sunburn i put on aloe but you say we should do more. >> aloe is a good choice to start with. however, i have cucumbers here, that i like to put on. >> wow. >> quickly. what i do is i take that lit will. >> cucumbers. >> that is quick. >> whipped it up and i like to add a little aloe vera. you can use fresh aloe vera. >> sometimes they use a jell.
8:34 am
>> you are looking for a spoon or something. >> i do have this one but you you can your hand. don't be shy if you mow what i mean. >> it will be a little watery. this is good for someone who has a light burn. put it on the skin. leave it for ten or 15 minutes. nice and calming, cooling. cucumbers have minerals in it that is very suiting. >> don't eat that. >> exactly. >> what about just the aloe and just cucumbers what about greek yogurt. >> so i love greek yogurt because consistency is different. it is not at runny. when awe reply it to the skin it has that, thickness and this is great because, this is also helping you exfoliate. and, you get burned and your skin kind of peeling and
8:35 am
everything. you do not want to peel off the skin. >> wow, really. >> is it the chemicals. >> enzymes. >> and it is pack with vitamins. >> isn't it fun when you get burned to feel skin off. >> no, i don't want you to do that. >> apple cider vinegar what i like to do if you are really burned. and you should always wear spf even on a rainy day. but i like to mix witt a little bit of water. so it is not as both end. >> you stink though. >> that is the punishment of getting burned though. >> you have to be stinky. >> yes. >> you can put a toll in. i like to use a dark toll because white toll might stain them and you don't want that. this helps balance the ph of the skin. when you apply it to the skin.
8:36 am
>> you apply it directly to the skin it balances the ph and even for about 15 minutes what happens is when your skin bubbles or, you know, blisters the ph will rebalance and it helps to stop that bubbling of the skin. >> you don't do that. >> no. >> this has to do with black tea. >> this last one. >> correct. >> i have a bunch of tea bags and i would like to dip them in cool water to are about four minutes. not hot water, cool water, and then you can see the color of the water is now, not clear. i like to take a paper towel or a towel, ring it out and apply it directly to the skin. if you are really burned you can take a tea bag and apply that to the skin as well. >> what does tea do.
8:37 am
>> actually the tanons in the tea help to bring the skininess of the skin and that kind of hurt and calms it and suit is it. >> tanons help with sunburns. >> you can do more than drink you can rub it off. >> exactly. >> thank you so much. >> yes. >> thank you for having me. >> you know a friend of mine, native american guy, he drank 2,000 gallons of ice tea in a day. >> that is impressive. >> he drowned in his tea pea. >> i think i'm too late. >> don't drink vodka drink sunshine when sunnies out. >> you are more apt to get burned. >> a little bit. >> yes. >> okay. >> good to see you. >> thank you so much. >> steve from preston and steve he was wearing something
8:38 am
interesting so he wouldn't get burn. >> we will show you after the break. >> put your phone down in bed you could temporarily go blind if you don't. there is one prediction you want to avoid while looking at your smart phone in the sheets. >> it is position in bed with your phone what, what is this.
8:39 am
one american park is larger than yellowstone, yosemite, grand canyon and glacier national parks combined.
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hello. >> we are working on getting that picture we promised you. >> that is not good. >> there is another reason to put away that cell phone, when you go to bed and mike is interested in this one. the doctors in england are reporting two women lost their sight temporarily after constantly checking their phones in the dark. >> they realized that both women were, um, using their smart phones in the dark while lying on their sides.
8:42 am
so, one eye was covered by a pillow, doctors say if you use your phone in the dark, make sure both eyes are looking at the screen. if you don't do that and just use one eye, one could adapt to the light while other adopts to the dark your brain will explode. doctors say the problem is basically harmless and a sprayedable, just use both eyes. >> i'm confused because when i use my phony use both side. >> if were you laying down like this. >> who checks their phone like that. >> i always use both eyes. >> one eye was block by pillow. >> that makes it harder. >> lets say my eye is block. both eyes are opened but this eye is covered with a pillow. >> even bob kelly looks confused. >> the irish is blocked. >> he doesn't get it. >> shut up siri.
8:43 am
>> yes. >> i guess it is good to know be careful. >> wow. >> what? >> do you think they can use it. >> what? >> i knew you would be doing this. >> yes. >> candy man, candy man. >> no. >> i know some people need to get their sleep like athletes they wear certain colored glasses, an hour or so before they go to bed because light from your phone. >> who is that? who do you know does that. >> i have heard it. >> i wear a brian fold at night. >> i forgot what jen is doing. >> she's talking to the the kids and getting them all ready for summer. >> let's go, jen. >> why the heck is katie in a halloween costume, in june? you know it is june, right. come on back we will tell you how to keep kids entertain,
8:44 am
dance part bye to happen halloween excitement, i don't even know and treasure hunt, it is happening, there you go. nice. >> they are looking at you. >> here's looking at you.
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
we have bright sunshine. and, we are off to a nice start. humidity is down but that business to change. the these temperatures will be climbing in the mid 80's, later this afternoon. we are looking at radar because we are expecting showers and storms, with this line, right here, it will slowly move east, bringing up humidity ahead of it and it just slows down, we will keep it rain in the forecast not only tonight and throughout the day tomorrow. a few showers north and west this afternoon by six or 7:00 o'clock they are moving toward philadelphia but weakening. we will have more showers and storms, and, and, could be strong, and, and and, and by
8:48 am
friday, mix of sun and clouds, starts to clear up for who will take weekend but those showers come back both saturday and sunday, so, it looks like we are seeing just a few rain showers coming in, by the holiday weekend, mike and alex. >> brain drain, backyard important dumb there is a woman who says that she can treat both. >> and make it easy for parents. >> yes. >> we like the sound of this, jen. >> we are here with denise, good morning. >> we have to say how come my backyard isn't this fun all the time. >> they are like can we really live like this. and they do. every summer. something is going on. >> so tell us, you will not tie up the kid but you do have rope. >> not on camera but later. >> one fun thing is good old fashion tent. i say give them all a surprise because half of the time they will spend trying to put the tent up. other half they will play in the tent.
8:49 am
this is good for engineering, figuring things out, cause and effect. if you give them bungy cord, clothes line, sheets from the thrift store or yard sales, you have to figure this out. these girls are trying to extend the tent and put an addition. they need bungy cord, fence, bunch of clothespins, stronger clips and then they can have fun. we might camp out here. >> this is what i love, boys are doing a treasure hunt and here's what i like, hi guys. can i see this real quick. you have printed this out from where. >> on pinterest. >> basically they find the rock, hiding stuff in the yard. >> it is things that you should be able to find and if you cannot find it, they are gone longer. >> you have put that on the painted click it, print it, it is all yours. >> so take out halloween costumes. everybody has a bin that they keep hear costumes in.
8:50 am
take them out, put them outside, we have took scarves there upstairs, whatever you have and let them have fun. we have the orange is a new black pregnant prisoner going in to sixth grade. >> who are you. >> i don't know what she is but it is awesome. >> it is just dressing up. >> another thing we like we call it strike a pose. we get a magazine. they are always stealing my camera. they love my real cam why and their own for selfies. we open up whatever page you open to that is what you get. you have to find a person on that page whether it is an ad, super model and copy that pose. then other person takes a picture of it. they love taking the picture with the camera. >> the tweens, they love to dance. so basically they are just doing a dance party. >> they love a dance party. >> put on a routine, dot dance party, play their muse being and keeps them busy for a while. >> this is all, i didn't go to
8:51 am
the store to buy any of this, it is all common sense and things around your house. >> i love it. >> he is fine. i will steel some of these ideas for my own backyard camp. cool ideas, right, guys. >> i love this woman. >> great. >> every neighborhood should this have woman, right. >> yes. >> they are thinking the same thing. >> i like the segments today. working out with your dad, yes. >> so toddler watches his father's moods but how he reacts that is impressing people this morning. >> lottery numbers. a parentally later in the week, this lottery may be close to 400 million-dollar
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
fire fighters hard at work this morning our helicopter sky fox is live over this house fire in the frankford section. let me give you an exact location, the 1500 block of church street. they are venting the roof right now, and they have got it under control. bad, bad situation there bob kelly. >> right up the street from parish there in the frankford section in the city. 8:55. they just cleared out an accident north on i-95, near street road. we have is what left but we are bumper to bumper from cottman on up through street road, heading north bound. no problems on the bennie, coming into downtown philadelphia this morning. rough go this morning on patco, they announced early this morning they were going to have emergency construction, track work, no express trains, it is a hot mess coming into town on the high speed line, westbound trains even though they are running every 15 minutes they have been jammed pack when
8:56 am
they pulled up to the stations and doors opened and then eastbound trains are running every ten minutes septa running with to delays. mike and alex, back over to you. 8:56. from dancing at the met gala to meeting the parents are they moving too fast. taylor swift and tom huddleston taking a big step. is this too soon. how long do you think a couple should wait before meeting the parents. >> years. >> weeks. >> ♪ >> the bet award honored prince with one tribute after the other. we will go over the big moments, to the solute to the surprises and later the facts, what did you think of the bet award last night.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
it is monday, june 27th, 2016. >> what is up. >> good morning. >> surrounded by red. >> yes. >> it is orange. >> it might look red on television. >> everything looks different. >> you both look fantastic. >> i'm a lucky, lucky man. >> i'm glad you recognize this. >> yes. >> roll tape. >> yes, she slade last night. >> yes. >> at bet awards last night. from the surprises to the prince tributes to the fashion, we have covered it all, in this hour. in fact in the next few minutes. >> from dancing a at met gala to meeting with the parents, ta


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